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Manifesting Traditional Islamic Knowledge And Spirituality
To Benefit The Community Through Service

The Halal Food Bank in Melbourne is run entirely by volunteers and purely with donations, and aims to provide halal, nutritionally sound food to needy families, those who require crisis support, and asylum seekers on a monthly basis.


The Halal Food Bank is a philanthropic initiative by The Ansaar Project in Sydney. The word “ansaar” means “helper” in Arabic, but as a term, the Ansaar were the people from Medina who support Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the muhajjirun (emigrants) when they migrated from Mecca to Medina.
Designed by a local Australian artist, the Ansaar Project logo represents the willing hands of two people clasping each other in solidarity and support for each other and others.
The colours are inspired by the Australian landscape and honours the traditional owners of the land, which so vividly paints the natural landscape – from the black barks, red desert and the golden beaches. They are a symbol of the local Australian landscape on which our diverse paths cross and meet as one human family.
In our shared tradition of hospitality, The Ansaar Project seeks to reach out and share the delightful responsibility of helping the human family in Australia.







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